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We are a silicone sex dolls factory in china.Our life size silicone sex love dolls are actual products with cheaper prices.If you want to buy a sexy realistic sex doll with full body.
Please can email to us,We can produce it according to your requires.
Such as you can choose its hair colour,Eyes colour , Its skin colour.

You can pay it by paypal on our website.
The paypal is a third-party guarantees payment.It can guarantee you can received  actual goods .So don't to worry this order.Thanks.

We will send it to you around in a week after you to paid.Thanks.

   Our these lifelike silicone sex dolls use solid silicone to make it.
It is full body silicone sex doll,It is life size with woman.
It have a very softly silicone skin and designed pussy and anus.
It can fuck with men. It can vaginal sex and anal sex with men.

  Our these sexy silicone love dolls have a softly body.It can place all kinds of position with a man to sex. If you need keep some postures or let it to stand. It need buy our another model with skeleton.

   Our these realistic silicone sex love doll is a very good sex product.  Its shape very similar as real girls. Because it is maked by real girls to copy.

Because inflatable sex dolls is cheaper.So very much sellers to display some very sexy pictures and to offer a very cheap price to sell their dolls.Some buyers to see their pictures very sexy and their price very cheap.So many buyers would better like to buy it .

In fact.The actual inflatable sex dolls is not same as their adverting
pictures. Such as the silicone love doll with 16kg.Its delivery costs
will more than their total payment.
The details of inflatable sex dolls in our other web page.Can to see it.

Some sellers to said their inflatable dolls also use silicone to make it.
It is impossibile to inflate air in silicone sex doll body..
Because inflatable dolls need filled with air in body then let men to press it. So inflatable sex doll must be use PVC  materials to make it If it is  maked by other materials. It will pressured to broken.

  In fact.The sex dolls only use silicone materials to make it.
It can very lifelike as real girls.The body of silicone sex dolls must be solid.Inside with high-grade polymer. As so,These silicone love dolls can very softly as real girls. Because these silicone materials very expensived and these silicone sex dolls is life size sex doll as real girls.
So these actual silicone love sex dolls have a higher price.
   In our website.All of photos and videos by our actual silicone sex dolls to take photo.These pictures have not to beautify.
So our photos maybe can not sexy as other adverting pictures.
But it can sure it is our actual products.If you want to buy a very lifelike actual silicone love doll.Please can buy it from us.
We can produce it for you.It will to delivery around in a week.

   If you have some good advices.Please can email to us.We will try to improve our products.Thanks.

We maked these silicone sex love dolls in order to let some bachelors or no love men can get some comforts from sexuality.
   In order to your healthy.If you less than 18 years old. Hope don't to buy these silicone sex love dolls.Thanks.
   When need sexing with it.Please can put on a condom.

  Because our silicone dolls have good quality with reasonable prices.
At present, our products exported to more than 50 countries, .
  We sincerely wish to establish a good cooperation relationship with you, Thanks!

  At present, We had to updated our machines to produce these silicone dolls. Our silicone sex dolls are good quality and very lifelike.

If you interesting to it.Please email to us.Thanks.

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No 87 Xisanqi,Beijing,100096,China.

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Please pay it by paypal:
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We will arrange deliver it around in a week after you paid.
We also will email to you soon after you to paid it,Thanks.

The sex dolls is very lifelike. It is use solid silicone to make it.
Design a pussy and a anus. She can coitus with men.
It can vaginal sex and anus sex.
Its whole full body very softly as girls very charming sexy.
The usual size is 156cm.Weight: 16KG
The unit price :$750. Freight cost by DHL/EMS: $250
(If with skeleton,Price: $1300,Included postage by EMS)
The Smaller size: 125cm.Weight :12kg
The unit price :$550. Freight cost by DHL/EMS: $200
(If with skeleton,Price: $900,Included postage by EMS)
The Computer control sex dolls can make some sexy sounds
when sex with it. Total payment: $2000,Included postages.

Chest size:81.6cm,Waist size: 54.4cm,Butt size :86.7cm.
If  you have any problems or requires.Please email to us.
We will answer quickly.
Our email:
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